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When It’s Time to Seek Personal Hygiene Assistance


Your loved ones may age differently, but it’s essential to look out for common signs they need assistance. Several signs indicate their needs, so make sure you understand what they are going through. To help you determine when to seek support, check out these common signs below.

  • Personality and appearance alterations.
    Do you notice changes in their hygiene, weight, mood, and interests? These could be signs they need care professionals who can assist them at home. Also, if you think your loved ones resist care and refuse to see their physician, offer non-medical transportation that can help them travel with ease. It may convince them to get out of the house.
  • Unaccomplished day-to-day tasks.
    Do you have senior loved ones with intellectual disabilities in Ohio? Do you think they fail to do the daily tasks they can accomplish before? Perhaps, it’s high time to seek the additional assistance of care professionals. Caregivers can assist with preparing meals, bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, etc.
  • Memory issues.
    Forgetfulness and memory loss are common issues when aging. If your senior loved ones have mobility issues and need disabilities services, it’s vital to seek assistance as soon as possible. Forgetting to take their medication is a sign of forgetfulness, and you don’t want your loved ones’ health to be compromised.

Are you looking for residential and supported living services for your loved ones with developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio? Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC is here for you! We believe in health and safety; that’s why our team works hard every day to help your loved ones meet their daily goals. For more information about our services, give us a call at 614-864-1700.

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