At all times, we put our clients first on our priority list because their health and safety are important to us.


Programs and services that are geared towards helping individuals with developmental disabilities.


We are looking for health care staff who are as dedicated to this profession as we are.
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Welcome to Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC

We at ADDS – Believe that all individuals with developmental disabilities worth living a better life, as William James stated “Believe that life worth living and your belief will help create the fact”.

Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services LLC is committed to serving people with developmental disabilities. ADDS, is a Medicaid Agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide Supported Living, Homemaker Personal Care, Transportation, Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, Non-Medical Transportation, and Transportation through IO and Level I Waivers programs. It also provides private pay service.

One of the most enlightening experiences our team of Supported Living Specialists, Certified Medication Professionals, Home Makers, and Management Team have come to experience over twenty years or more is that the beauty of working with a developmentally disabled person is unique due to their ability to Explain, Teach, and Interact with other developmentally disabled persons and individuals within the community who are not developmentally challenged individuals. Therefore, we are devoted to the CULTURE of HEALTH and SAFETY by making sure consumers are ALERT of their RIGHT to FREE CHOICE, PRIVACY, and INDEPENDENCE AT ALL TIMES.

ADDS staffs are committed to provide the above services that meet each person’s special needs. ADDS, Mission Statement, Vision, and Values empower each consumer to acquire their full potential by living LIFE to their UTMOST ABILITY.

Our services are carefully planned to offer our consumer’s superior class supported living care in the areas of Developmental Disabilities Services, Non-Medical/Private Duty, and Educational Services. We look forward to meeting you and wholeheartedly embracing you with the hand of love and care to the ADDS family.

You can meet with us for a consultation, a health assessment or to ask questions about your loved one's developmental disability. Click Here