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Enriching the Familial Setting of People with Disabilities


An intellectual or developmental disability is a condition that affects people’s learning skills, language development, sensory experiences, and behavior. It’s also likely to impact their lives from daily tasks such as personal hygiene assistance to their ability to live independently.

Mostly, family members are the primary caregivers of these individuals. While it’s true that we will do everything for our loved ones, no one is immune to feeling overwhelmed in these cases. We understand how challenging it can be, and we’re here to offer our support!

At Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC, we have two goals that go hand in hand. And that’s to deliver appropriate disabilities services and provide key information to families who are going through similar situations.

Here are tips that may help you as a family caregiver:

  • Be informed.
    This will enable you to make more informed health decisions and gain a better awareness of any issues your family may face.
  • Get support.
    Find a local or online support group for people with developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio. This allows you to interact with others going through similar circumstances. It could help you overcome feelings of isolation and fear, too.
  • Be an advocate.
    Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and other state and federal laws regarding intellectual disabilities in Ohio. Understand how and when to use them in your scenario.
  • Take care of yourself.
    Establish realistic expectations to reduce stress and improve your ability to care for others.

Sometimes, a little help could also go a long way. If you require our assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! We offer an array of services including non-medical transportation and many more!

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