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The Benefits of Home Care for Adults with Down Syndrome


Adults with Down syndrome can live healthy, independent lives. Non-medical private duty home care for Down syndrome can make all of this more possible and easier for you and your family member.

Because of Down syndrome, your family member may have unique health concerns and requirements. However, as they become older, their demands can shift quickly. People with Down syndrome may face aging problems earlier than others their age. Osteoporosis, visual problems, and other issues may arise unexpectedly. Apart from that, residential services can assist your family member in dealing with them.

Routines can make your family member feel considerably more at ease every day. Because time works differently for someone with Down syndrome, having a firm schedule that brings them from one activity to the next throughout the day guarantees that they can complete their goals. Everyone has bad days, but home care services can help your loved one stay on track.

Your family member most likely does not drive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of places they want to visit daily. Social engagement is critical, and if you are unable to drive them where they need to go, another mode of transportation is required. Home care providers also offer non-medical transportation so caregivers can take over driving duties for them, allowing your family member to spend more time with others.

As a home care provider for adults with developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio, we give your family member the extra edge they need to live their life as independently as possible.

Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC provides effective in-home care for people with intellectual disabilities in Ohio. Call us at your earliest convenience today!

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