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Group Homes: An Excellent Housing Option


Do you think your loved one with specific health care needs, like personal hygiene assistance or a disability, is ready to live independently?

Even if what you’re about to witness could be something everyone in your family has been looking forward to, deciding on the right course of action can be challenging.

When choosing a good housing option, shared living can provide an excellent environment to achieve these aims while still receiving the necessary care and supervision depending on the individual’s needs.

As a provider of quality care for those with developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio, placing your loved ones in a group home may seem daunting. However, they will be able to learn more about how to be independent and get assistance while learning to live on their own.

Group homes give people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Ohio the experience of living in a family by providing them with a home environment and encouraging them to form relationships with their housemates.

Moreover, the confidence gained from taking on more responsibility benefits the individual, but it also changes the family’s perspective on the person from dependent to competent.

So, when you decide to learn more about this service, Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC will collaborate with you and your loved ones to create a spotless, healthy, and secure home in your chosen area.

We also offer other services, including intellectual disabilities in Ohio, to aid them in their different care needs at home. Contact us again today!

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