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Positive Attitudes We Must Have


People with intellectual or developmental disabilities are great people. Unfortunately, their disabilities can irritate and make them difficult people. And our reaction toward them is an important factor in how they behave and act. In fact, many experts in intellectual disabilities in Ohio recommend we show and react to their positive attitudes. Positive attitudes such as:

  • Respecting them

    They aren’t lesser than us just because of their disabilities. Thus, we must give them, and they must receive the same amount of respect as others do.

  • Encouraging and promoting health, disease, injuries, and accident prevention

    We can do this by providing them with services like physical check-ups and non-medical transportation.

  • Understand their communication in both receptive and expressive ways.

    If we have communication problems, their disability makes it worse. So, we must know how to deliver our message so they’ll understand (receptive) and how to receive the message so we’ll understand (expressive).

Here at Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC, we provide them with more than supported living. We give them moral support that will help them deal with life. We also want to help you, people with no intellectual or developmental disabilities, how to work with them. We want you to be able to understand them and know how to react to their attitude, behavior, and actions. With us, we want to give this world a better chance to make a better world for everyone, especially individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

To know more about our services for developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio , visit our office at 5330 East Main Street, Suite 103, Whitehall, Ohio 43213, or call us at 614-864-1700.

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