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Creating a Disability-Friendly Home for Your Loved Ones


Our loved ones who have developmental disabilities have suffered enough. Hence, to make it easier for them, let’s make our homes safer and disability-friendly. Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC, a care provider for people who have developmental disabilities in Whitehall, Ohio, recommends these little home modifications.

  • Ramps instead of stairs.

    While you can’t totally eliminate stairs at home, you can simply use ramps instead of in areas slightly elevated. This way, your loved ones who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices can move around independently. Patients with intellectual disabilities in Ohio whom we have served for years have reported that doing this is empowering for them.

  • Wider doorways.

    This is to accommodate not only the person, but also the assistive devices used. Wider doorways give them more space to move.

  • Installation of handrails and grab bars.

    Handrails and grab bars will give them support when climbing up the stairs or using the bathroom to avoid slips. For their additional safety, we can always provide your loved ones with personal hygiene assistance when showering or using the restroom.

  • Correct placement of furniture and appliances.

    Avoid placing furniture in areas they usually pass through to prevent them from bumping into these things. You can also build huge cabinets to house certain appliances like water dispensers and television.

  • Proper lighting.

    Make sure all the areas at home are well-lit for smoother navigation, especially in areas like stairs and hallways.

Aside from these modifications, our non-medical private duty home care will also give you peace of mind and your loved ones better lives.

We also offer non-medical transportation. Contact us to get started!

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