Understanding Developmental Disabilities


Developmental disabilities (DD) refer to the condition involving impairment in a person’s cognitive, linguistic, behavioral, or physical traits. Understanding DDs helps healthcare providers and educators design a particular model for people with this condition. From home health to skilled nursing care, developmentally challenged individuals deserve the right attention that addresses their unique needs.

  • Its Causes
    Currently, the causes of many developmental disabilities are still unknown. However, several studies have linked DD to prenatal, environmental, and genetic factors. The most accepted theory is the effects of certain lifestyles during pregnancy, such as alcohol consumption, exposure to toxins (e.g., lead), or smoking.
  • How Many People Are Affected?
    As of writing, the CDC reports that around 17% of people aged 3-17 have at least one developmental disability, including autism, ADHD, learning disability, cerebral palsy, and more. Here in Ohio, approximately 1% of the population suffers from moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Thus, public health agencies are promoting specialized services and private duty nursing in Ohio as an approach to DD care.
  • Healthcare for People with Developmental Disabilities
    Home health care is a growing option for people with developmental disabilities and their families. This type of care allows them to live in comfort at home or any setting. Personal care, assistance with daily living activities, healthcare coordination, and on-call programs are some of the provided home health services in Whitehall, Ohio.

For more resources regarding developmental disabilities, you may follow the CDC’s Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) program or reach out to Andrew Home Healthcare Services, LLC.

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